Popcorn Time: 10 movies to watch with mom this Mother's Day

Kashfia Kayes, Dhaka

We had a lot of things planned for this Mother’s Day but this lockdown situation has caught us off-guard a little. Yes, we can make a nice card and a good meal, but what we often forget to give our moms is what they miss the most from when we were latching onto them 24-7; our time. Let’s plan a movie day with mom, the proper experience: phones on silent, popcorn and our favourite snuggle blankets. If you have already watched them, maybe it’s time for a rewatch, because here’s a list of movies you can choose from which mom and you would both love:

kids watching movie with popcorn

1. Freaky Friday: A soul-swap story with mom! Woah! What would it be like to be in each other’s shoes for a few days?

2. Akeelah and the Bee: This movie is about Akeelah’s story of bravery, one that led her to chasing her dreams to participating in the national Spelling Bee championship.

3. Brave: You may have already watched this movie but who better to rewatch it with? Moms and daughters will love the inspiring message as it's ultimately up to her to discover the meaning of courage and stop a curse before it's too late!

4. Mars Needs Moms: What if you had to bring your mom back from Mars? This sweet story is about Milo, after complaining about her strict ways, losing his mom to a kidnapping by Martians!

5. The Incredibles: This superhero movie is the right thrill for the entire family. It not only is an exciting addition to movie day; it teaches wonderful family values and urges you to bond with your favourite people all over again.

6. Wonder: It talks about acceptance and love. Auggie looks different from everybody and joins a regular school for the first time in his life. Watch to find out how he makes his journey towards standing out and standing tall.

7. The Parent Trap: This classic is one you should watch if you haven’t yet! Mom will feel nostalgic and you will get introduced to this fun tale about a pair of twins who lived their entire lives away from each other because of a bad divorce. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending!

8. Mrs. Doubtfire: This wonderful movie has all the cuteness and fun packed in one. Crazy dad pretends to be a nanny at the house to stay close to his kids during a time of separation. The entire process is hilarious; this is a must-watch!

9. Cheaper by the Dozen: The 12 kids go wild while mom is away on work! How will dad handle it? 12 kids! Can you imagine having 11 other siblings to share a space with during this quarantine?

10. Coco: Another animated movie! This one is a quest to find ancestral answers! Family history and passion for music together make this movie emotional at the same time passion driven. It has a beautiful lesson that ought to make you yearn for some family stories.

Happy Mother’s Day!