Halfway to launching Guba!

Inshra S. Russell, London, U.K.

Guba Publishing was conceived in 2016 and birthed in 2017, which is why this is such an exciting year for us. We have managed to put things together enough to plan our launch in November, at the Dhaka Literature Festival.

In fact, founder-fantastic Raya Rahman has just returned from fruitful a trip to Dhaka. Meetings with printers, illustrators, lawyers and inspirational people means that Raya is now a happy bunny, looking towards a future with a basketful of fun prospects. She will no doubt fill you in with the juicy details...or keep it all a secret, you’ll have to ask her.

As for Inshra here in London, the wet weather, instead of curbing, has satiated the cup of creativity drop by drop. Lists of things to do have been ticked off, dinner has been made and the feeling of satisfaction hovers tantalisingly in the air - almost within reach. That’s a rare feeling so I had to record it.

So our wonderful consumers of culture, we have a bunch of things in store for you. The Guba Podcast, our online freebie will be up and running soon and we would love to hear your thoughts on what you want to hear...to feed your thoughts. As for me, I return to the life away from the laptop, the other real one.