Introducing 'Tilmund's Travel Tales' - our new picture book!

This November, we are very proud to be publishing Tilmund's Travel Tales, a beautifully illustrated picture book for children aged 4-8, written by Samai Haider and illustrated by Reesham Shahab Tirtho, about a young boy who embraces the unknown and is rewarded with adventures and learnings of a lifetime.

Tilmund's Travel Tales

Tilmund wants to travel the world, just like his grandfather. There is only one problem - he has a great fear of things that are different and "strange".

But with a little help from a travel bug, Tilmund finds the courage to stand up to his fears so he can go off and see the world!


Join Tilmund as he visits wonderful faraway places, learning so much along the way. With fun illustrations of landmarks and cultures from 15 different countries, Tilmund's Travel Tales is a great resource to help children to understand and appreciate diverse cultures from around the world. 

Tilmund's Travel Tales is written by Samai Haider, who is a travel writer outside of her day job (Samai is an economist by profession). She has travelled to nearly 50 countries and uses her experiences to write stories and inspire others to see the world. Samai's writing has been featured on the Lonely Planet and she was a finalist for the 2015 World Nomads Travel Food Scholarship.

As for the artwork, Tilmund's world was beautifully brought to life by Reesham Shahab Tirtho, who is an architect, illustrator and cartoonist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reesham's unique illustrations have been featured in various publications, while his mural work beautifies many areas of Dhaka City. 

Themed around travel and exploration, this heart-warming story is ultimately about finding the courage to face your fears and tackle the unknown. The rhyming text is light-hearted and fun, while the illustrations are rich, detailed and exciting.

Printed in gorgeous, square hardback format, this book is the perfect gift for a future world traveller. A wonderful picture book that both children and adults will enjoy! 

Click here to pre-order! Release date is November 2nd, 2020.