New Picture Books Alert!

New Picture Books Alert!

By Raya Rahman & Tasnim Shamma

We’ve been a bit … quiet, but there’s a good reason for it. Guba Books has been working hard to bring you what you’ve asked for: more picture books. We are so excited to introduce not one, not two … but SIX new titles!

In collaboration with the Asia Foundation, we are adding four new bilingual English/Bangla titles that represent and affirm the lives of children affected by the refugee experience. Two of the four books feature authors from the Rohingya community – new, critical voices in children’s literature. 

In addition, we have two books - a search and find book to introduce the various festivals of Bangladesh and a powerful story of sisterhood and magic.

Take a sneak peek inside these books below … 

1 - Sun Moon Secret

Author: Shazia Omar/Illustrator: Sophie Cousinié 

Surya and Chandra live in a beautiful village by the Bay of Bengal. They love to sing, but every time they do, something strange happens. So they keep their powers a secret. Until one summer, when disaster strikes! Can the sisters figure out the true purpose of their powers and save their home?

2 - Where are the Chonchols?

Author: Inshra Sakhawat Russell/Illustrator: Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy

Bengalis love a bit of family fun and the Chonchols are no different. They all live together in a big house in the busy capital city of Bangladesh called Dhaka. You wouldn’t believe it, but they are a hopelessly forgetful bunch.

The Chonchols are going to Bangladesh’s most vibrant festivals. But wait! With so many people, they are worried about getting lost in the crowd. Come along on a search-and-find adventure with some surprises along the way!

3 - The White Elephant

Author: Mayyu Ali/Illustrator: Nabidur Rahman

A young Rohingya boy learns from his grandfather that the white elephant is a symbol of peace and unity. When his people are violently exiled from their homeland of Myanmar, the boy must find a way to bring back cultural harmony. And save the white elephant.

4 - Hafsa and the Magical Ring

Author: Yasmin Ullah/Illustrator: Rafiuzzaman Rhythom

Hafsa lives with her mother and little brother in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. One day, Hafsa finds her brother, Hafiz, playing with an old razor. The incident stirs up memories of her life in Myanmar, where Hafsa used to play with safe toys beautifully woven from the leaves of screwpine plants. When Hafiz is curious to know more, Hafsa and her mother share beautiful memories and a magical folktale from the home they have left behind.

5 - I am Bokul

Author: Asma Ul Husna Sanchita/Illustrator: Sayan Mukherjee

While serving customers at the tea shop where he works, Bokul overhears their discontent with refugees arriving in their town. He can't help but feel the same way until one day at the beach, he meets some boys from the refugee camp. Their kind gesture and his grandmother's wisdom helps Bokul to embrace a more compassionate outlook.

6 - Rani's Seashell Necklace

Author: Shazia Omar & Raya Rahman/Illustrator: Sayeef Mahmud

Rani, wearing her beloved seashell necklace, enjoys going to school and playing with her little sister, Asma. But her family falls into hard times and she must leave school to support them. Though she is upset at first, a chance meeting at a refugee camp helps Rani to understand the true meaning of family and friendship.


Titles available for purchase on December 3rd at a launch event in Bangladesh (Shahabuddin Park, Gulshan 2, 11am)! 

Guba Books is a bilingual publisher of English and Bangla children’s books and materials, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Oakland, California.