Reading with your child has lifelong learning benefits

Today marks International Children's Book Day 2018, a special day to inspire and promote the love of reading among children around the world. This yearly event, held on April 2nd around Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, is sponsored by The International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY), a nonprofit organization based in Basel, Switzerland that promotes the appreciation of children’s literature.

Reading to children from an early age helps to give them the best possible start in life. It not only boosts language development, but listening to a parent's voice can be highly comforting for infants and toddlers. 

creates a loving bondincreases sense and perceptionimproves patience and concentration

Picture books are a great introduction to reading. The illustrations of a picture book are a powerful way to help a young learner understand the story and to gain a sense of independence. Picture books are multi-sensory, which aids a child’s growing mind and stimulates their imagination. They offer a more interactive communication between parent and child.

Here are some tips to enjoy reading together :

  • Choose a quiet place away from noise, television and mobile phones
  • Take time to look and talk about the pictures
  • It doesn’t matter if your child chews books to start with. Soon they will help you turn the pages.
  • Bring stories to life by using animal noises, silly voices and sound effects- it will make you both laugh!
  • Make reading together a routine by picking the same time everyday. My own children look forward to reading with their parents before going to bed every night.

Happy reading from all of us at Guba Publishing! :)