"Tiny Jumps In" paperback picture book (English)


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Tiny is a dreamer. She’s very curious about the lake next to her house and has been dying to explore it for a while. But there are obstacles she must overcome - practical ones like learning to swim, and psychological ones like the fear of doing something new for the first time. What will Tiny discover once she takes the plunge?


With vibrant hand-drawn illustrations, author-illustrator Inshra Sakhawat Russell takes the reader and listener on an exciting underwater-adventure with Tiny, an empowering female character, that children of all genders can relate to.

Author & Illustrator: Inshra Sakhawat Russell

Format: Paperback

For ages: 4 to 8 years

Pages: 32

Size: 8”x10”

ISBN: 978-1-946747-00-6

Available to schools and school district libraries on http://www.titlewave.com/
Follett Titlewave (USA only)